The company bioactiva diagnostica GmbH was founded in 2001 by the biologist Adnan Dawoud in Frankfurt a.M.; in 2004 the company relocated to Bad Homburg. The defined goal of bioactiva diagnostica GmbH is to offer one-stop high-quality products in the areas of in vitro diagnostics, medical technology, and laboratory equipment. Our products stand out with their innovation and simultaneously good value

Our long experience guarantees smooth and fast delivery. Client preference is the top priority. Due to our flexible structures, we can virtually fulfil each and every client’s request. Our market position is enhanced by exclusively offering selected products.


bioactiva is EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 certified.


Our philosophy

Our statement “The Partner that Cares” already tells you a lot about our company philosophy. We stand out by being highly client-oriented. Day after day, we aspire towards quality, reliability, promptness, flexibility, and efficiency for our clients. From the client’s perspective, it could be said that bioactiva diagnostica GmbH is the reliable, fast and inexpensive source for covering the total need of high-quality laboratory diagnostics and tools.